Meet Fay

Meet Fay

Fay is  practical, down to earth, patient, empathetic, compassionate, and easy to relate to!

She has lived on a farm in Southwest Minnesota for 30 years, been married for 33 years, and is the mother of four boys.

Through her professional experience as a counselor, along with her personal experiences of obstacles in her own life, Fay has valuable knowledge, information, tools and insights to share.


Fay received her Master’s Degree in Counseling from South Dakota State University, and is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors as an NCC (National Certified Counselor).


Fay has worked as a counselor and in the field of helping others for over twenty years.  Her experience includes both group and individual counseling in the areas of confidence, communication, relationships, emotion regulation, depression, and anxiety.

Fay’s counseling expertise has been focused in the areas of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), positive psychology, and mindfulness.

As a professional speaker, she has presented at conferences, workshops, schools, churches, women’s groups, community organizations, and corporations.


We live in a world filled with uncertainties. The complexities, demands, difficulties, and choices you face can take a toll on your emotional and physical well being, but more importantly, your relationships and your overall happiness.

You can maximize your peace, happiness and possibilities even when times are tough.

Your mind has INCREDIBLE powers and capabilities.

Fay will help you implement  Simple and POWERFUL  techniques that you can use on a daily basis to transform strong emotions into inner calmness.

Fay knows these strategies WORK because she has used them in her own life, and helped others to use them in their life.

When you implement these strategies, You can then respond rather than react to the people and challenges you are facing because your emotions aren’t taking over and you’re not feeling out of control.


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