Your workshop was very organized; it reflected your extensive knowledge of the subject. I’m looking forward to having less stress in my life!

Your down to earth style set everyone at ease, and your compassion really came through. The real life stories impacted my understanding of how serious the consequences of cyberbullying and bullying can be. This is a such an important message for everyone to hear! You challenged the students to question their ways of behaving and gave them a new way of seeing their own ability to reduce bullying.

You touched my kids with what you shared–thanks so much!! Keep doing what you’re doing and continue to share your wisdom & knowledge with all that will listen!!

Contagious energy! Your passion for helping others be successful and happy came through in your heartfelt message!

I appreciated learning tools to have less stress and negativity in my life! I’m looking forward to having more peace of mind.

Very knowledgable and empathetic with teens.

Positive energy, brilliant ideas, very interactive, very informative–grabbed the audience!

I have known Fay for over 10 years and have seen firsthand her incredible talent of connecting with people (especially teenagers). The passionate message she delivers is one that should be heard by EVERY teenager, parent, teacher and administrator!

You did a great job responding to questions and concerns.

Your knowledge and passion in teaching this topic make you very easy to listen to.

The information was extremely eye opening. I learned so much. Especially the reminders about being positive!

In working with Fay, I’ve always felt I could be open and honest, sharing my true feelings. I’ve never felt judged. It’s provided me with the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings I’ve kept inside for a long time. I’ve gained insights which have allowed me to see a bigger picture and move beyond my “stuck points.”

Fay gave me a safe, supportive environment while I was going through a difficult time in my life. It was like having a safety net under me, she provided me with support, guidance, and encouragement to keep me moving forward. I felt more secure, almost as if someone was there to hold my hand and guide me. She helped me believe in myself.

I’ve learned the value of feeling validated and heard. Fay listened to me with compassion and helped me sort through the clutter in my mind. I felt a connection with her right away! She helped me to think outside the box, and realize that I did have options available.

I felt really comfortable in our sessions. I didn’t even realize how much I was letting inner and outer negative talk take over my life. I guess it can be hard to see our own blind spots. Thanks for being so kind in your approach, yet challenging enough to get to the point!

Fay spoke to our women’s group. She’s very down to earth and easy to connect with. I liked how she used personal stories to really help us understand the points she was making. I think we all went home with several new ways of thinking about things.

I appreciated learning some of the ways we hold ourselves back and the practical real world steps to apply to our lives. The personal stories and activities you used helped me identify with the information. Our group definitely benefited from your presentation!

I think you were able to take everyday common sense thoughts and put them together in a way that just “makes sense”. Your care and concern for others is obvious! I will start implementing your suggestions in my life!

You really helped me to remember the value of my uniqueness. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. I will be taking a lot of your advice to heart!

Your real world experience, examples of challenges and successes, gave an added value to the material you presented! I think your background helped our group to relate to you.