In the following presentations, you’ll benefit from learning winning strategies that will immediately lead to:

A Better You

A Better Relationship

A Better Life

Each presentation may be customized and individualized so it’s appropriate for your group.

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Sessions may be scheduled for a one hour motivational keynote, or a half or full day training.

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Navigating Relationships through ‘Compassionate Communication’

How you handle yourself and how you handle others is the new measure of success.  Research shows that 85% of your success and happiness in your personal and professional life is due to your Social Intelligence (SQ) and only 15% is due to your Intellectual Intelligence (IQ).

Research also shows that we are surprisingly unskilled when it comes to communicating with others: We often choose our words without thought. We talk more than we need to. We listen poorly, and fail to pay attention to our tone of voice, which is often more important than the words we actually say.

Learn strategies you can immediately implement in your relationships that will lead to higher levels of closeness and connection with clients, colleagues, family and friends. Good Communication skills are possibly one of the most important skills you could ever learn; they are the foundation for healthy relationships, both personal and professional.

You’ll notice a significant difference in how you relate to others and how they respond to you. You’ll generate greater respect and mutual trust.

  • Elevate the way you speak, listen and interact with others
  • Transform conflicts and complaints into win-win solutions
  • Communicate confidently with tact to create openness, trust, and rapport
  • Create positive, cooperative relationships
  • Develop respect, credibility and integrity when interacting with others


“Keep Calm and Carry On”

58% of people say stress has a negative impact on their productivity, life and job satisfaction.  Stress is responsible for 2/3 of all visits to the doctor. Job stress costs American businesses over $300 billion a year. Stress is a major contributor to job burn out and strained interactions with co-workers, customers, family and friends. Stress prevents clear thinking, thus increasing distractions and mistakes.

What is stress costing you?

  • Gain control over being overwhelmed and burned out
  • Learn strategies to lower anxiety, irritability and stress
  • Increase your focus, efficiency and productivity
  • Convert negative reactions to positive responses



“Positive Mindset Makeover”

Research estimates that up to 80% of our inner thoughts are negative.  Negativity affects every aspect of your life. Every time you think a thought, your brain releases chemicals and electrical signals that affect how you feel.  Positive thoughts release dopamine, the feel good chemical.  Negative thoughts release cortisol, which can zap your energy, and increase stress.

Evidence shows that positive thinking is essential for developing healthy relationships and increasing work productivity. Positive thinking enhances creativity and problem solving by improving the overall functioning of the brain.  Positive words and thoughts propel the motivational centers of the brain into action, and they help build up resilience what faced with problems in life.

You truly can improve every aspect of your life, personal and professional, by having a  “Positive Mindset Makeover.”

  • Learn how your Inner Game determines your Outer Game
  • Develop Confidence and Belief in You!
  • Increase Peace, Happiness and Life Satisfaction
  • Increase Creativity, Problem Solving Ability and Mental Alertness



“Pause into your Power”


People all over the world are discovering the incredible benefits of mindfulness to help them develop a deep peace and contentedness that stays with them no matter what is happening on the surface of their life.

Mindfulness is now being taught in schools, in workplaces, in hospitals, in the military (army special forces & navy seals) in professional sports, and to Olympic athletes all over the world. Research shows that mindfulness works.

The more mindful you are, the more focused and successful you are in any area of your life, whether it’s work, parenting, or relationships.  Mindfulness can literally transform your entire world from the inside out.

In this presentation you’ll learn and practice mindfulness techniques so you can:

  • Increase feelings of calm and contentment
  • Increase Positive Emotions
  • Lower anxiety, anger and fatigue
  • Increase your immune system to improve physical health
  • Improve relationships
  • Buffer yourself from stressful experiences
  • Sharpen your memory and increase your focus and attention


Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Research estimates that only 30% of employees feel inspired and engaged by their jobs.  Mastering positive and growth-oriented mindsets are the greatest contribution to higher productivity and a positive work environment.  Engaged employees are more productive, make more money for the company, stay with the organization longer and are committed to quality. Engaged employees outperform non-engaged employees by as much as 202%

  • Creating a Fun, Positive Culture
  • Engage, Inspire and Motivate your Workforce
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Rekindle Enthusiasm and Positivity



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