Are you like a Northern Pike?

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Years ago, when brain science was in its infancy, a test was
done on a Northern Pike, Scientists put it in one side of an
aquarium with a glass divider, and filled the other side with
minnows.  The hungry pike immediately went after the
minnows, banging his nose against the glass.

This went on for some time, until eventually the pike gave up.
He learned his lesson.  That’s when it got interesting:  the
scientists removed the glass divider!  The minnows swam all
around him, but it didn’t matter to the pike.

He had been conditioned that whenever he tried to go after
the minnows, he’d hurt his nose.  They could swim right
through his open mouth and he wouldn’t even try.  The “Pike
Syndrome” was one of the earliest tests that demonstrated
how our conditioned thoughts, beliefs and habits can cripple
us, hold us back, cause uncertainty, doubts, fears, anxieties
and so much more. AND, how we ourselves can RETRAIN
our brains in ways that hold us back OR make us successful.

The power of our thoughts is probably way stronger than most people realize.

Once your brain has been programmed to think and
believe certain things, it will do its best to maintain those
“comfort zone” conditions — no matter how much you want
to make a change.  Just like the Pike—he had become conditioned to believe that he couldn’t have the minnows.

Our thoughts have the same effect on us.

90 percent of our worries, fears, & doubts are nothing more than memories from the past that are projected onto our present and they are not real. Yet, thinking these same types of thoughts keep us stuck day after day in the same behavior. (like the Pike was programmed to believe that he couldn’t have the minnows)


To make changes and achieve different results in your life, you have to add new and “better programming”

Learning to recognize and reframe our negative thoughts is vital to creating “better programming” that doesn’t continue to hold us hostage to stress, overwhelm, doubts, fears and insecurities.

If you replace one negative thought with 3 positive thoughts, you would feel a difference in your life.

If you replace one negative thought with 5 positive thoughts, you will feel a bigger difference.

If you replace one negative thought with 7 positive thoughts, you will feel a gigantic positive difference in your life.

If you develop new positive thoughts and repeat them again and again then you will strengthen new positive neural networks in your brain and feel a HUGE positive change in your life.

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thoughts are like magnets

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